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Sketch & DesignHow do you manage the Inquiries which you receive for Real Estate? How do you remember what type of Property they are looking for? How do you remember whether its a Sale or a Purchase or a Rent Inquiry? How will you share the real estate and property data with users? How do you connect the different seller and buyer database online ?

Manage your real estate website with the Property CRM which we have. Its the easiest way to organize your real estate database, the sellers and buyers database and above all the available properties database.

Features which we plan to offer includes...

- Option to add/delete/modify/update property listings.
- Option to upload multiple images for a particular property.
- Option to conduct simple as well as advanced search.
- Option to view multi level property reports and sale graphs.
- Option to add/delete/manage Website Content through CMS.
- Option to have your own customized property directory.
- Option to add property news and articles.
- Multi level secure captcha driven forms.
- Functionality for the administrators to define the property types.
- Import from CSV and Excel
- Batch update via import
- Option to manage properties for sale, rental, etc.
- View history of notes, emails, and tasks
- Share details of properties via email and Social networking websites
- Upload multiple photos at once
- Automatic resizing of photos
- Automatic creation of thumbnails
- Option to add YouTube videos, Google Maps
- Publish instantly to your website
- Option for Normal as well as Advanced search
- Automatic conversion from metric to imperial units and vice versa
- List Featured properties
- Option to view full details of the property
- Option to create property PDF
- Filter breadcrumb URL
- City - Display list of properties base in City
- State - Display list of properties base in State
- Search the database by defined criteria (rent/sale, type of the property and others)
- Option for Users to register and post their Properties to the website with ease.
- Functionality to contact the Property Owner through the website.
- Special additional functionalities for agents to signup and manage multiple properties.
- Option to subscribe for the Weekly/Monthly Newsletter
- Contact form with email notification
- Option for users to sign up and manage account.
- Option for users to Add property for Sale/Rent/Lease.
- Option for users to add/delete/manage properties after Signup.
- Option for users to add property pictures.
- Option to conduct simple as well as advanced search.
- Options to submit support ticket queries.
- Options to view the Hottest and Newly Added properties.
- Option for users to view property news and articles.
- Multi-functional database driven forms.
- Secure Captcha driven Feedback/Query/Contact Forms.

Website Features
- Fully designed website with your own domain and hosting
- Option to showcase Hot selling, Featured properties
- Integrated forms that automatically gather data about email ids
- Advanced search with filters
- SEO friendly templates with optimized URLs
- Sitemap generator that includes all your property listings

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